Rimer Cardillo
  Impressions (and other images of memory)
  Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
Works in the exhibition
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Ovalos (Ovals) Series
Collection Boxes
Circulo Series
New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Proposal Drawings
Objetos flotantes y volantes (Floating and Flying Objects) Series
Memorial Diptych Series / Latin American Memorial Series
Objeto deslizándose (Moving Object) Series
Rupestrian Wall Series
Chicharras y Mariposas Nocturnas (Cicadas and Moths) Series
Archeological Prints Series
Insecto (Insect) Series
Project for Sao Paulo Biennale
Sublime Orfebreria (Sublime Jewelry) Series
El Pantanal Series (series in progress)
Ritual Box Series / White Box Series
Birds from Gardiner Series
Objetos Gráfico - Ecológicos (Ecological - Graphic Objects) and Reliquaries
Bronze Casts
Baroque Suite
En la Estancia (On the Ranch)
Caribbean Rounds Series
Found Totem Series (Selections)
Open Box Series (Selections)