Venice Biennial
Cupí degli Uccelli
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Rimer Cardillo

Cardillo's art is charged with a resurrective spirit that is both
respectful and nostalgic, rooted in his own uprooted life, reflected in
uprooted cultures. His use of bones and seeds refer to their symbolic
histories as talismans for rebirth. Although, he comes, literally, from
another place, his work can also be contextualized within the
archaizing tendency that has been strong in contemporary North American
art since the 1970s and has become, rather curiously, a mainstay of the
avant garde-which in this case looks back over its shoulder rather than
scouting ahead. Or, perhaps, the view is downwards, towards the earth,
since most archeologically-oriented art is as concerned with the land,
the earth itself, as it is with the artifacts and ruins discovered in

Lucy R. Lippard / Contact Zones: Travel and Archeology in the Work of
Rimer Cardillo - Essays